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DaQing Medical Group was established in 2006 and has been developed  into a comprehensive medical device company specializing in the production and sale of medical biological materials, medical professional dressings, and medical devices.
3 Ply protective face mask

Outer layer: Water proof non-woven fabric
Middle layer: High density filter melt blown fabric
Inner Layer: Skin-friendly composite fiber

Nose clip: Adjustable plastic Ear loop: Stretchable elastic

Surgical    Medical    Normal

Melt Blown Filter Fabric - 100% polypropylene

Meltblown fabric is the core material of the face mask. Medical face masks and N95 face masks are composed of spunbond layer, meltblown layer and spunbond layer, the spunbond layer and meltblown layer are both made of polypropylene material
Wash Free Hands Sanitizer-more than 60% Ethyl Alcohol

☑ 99.9%Sterilization    ☑ Disnfection  

☑ Quick drying  ☑ GMP quality assurance

☑ Widely used

Factory add.: Pingnan Industry Park, Guigang,

Guangxi, China

Sales headquarter: Floor 7, Fenghui

plaza, Nancheng, Dongguan,

Guangdong, China

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